The Digital Humanities Research Institute took place on June 11–24, 2018. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept additional applications at this time.

What is the Digital Humanities Research Institute?

The Digital Humanities Research Institute (DHRI) is a ten-day residential workshop held from June 11–20, 2018, hosted by Graduate Center Digital Initiatives and The Graduate Center, CUNY. Participants will develop core computational research skills through hands-on workshops, explore interdisciplinary digital humanities research and teaching with leading DH scholars, and begin developing versions of the DHRI for their own communities. Over the following academic year, each participant will have access to an online network of peers, as well as 20 hours of consultation from our experienced staff while they lead their own DHRI. Participants will return to New York in June 2019 to report on their experiences and contribute to a guide to leading DHRIs in a variety of institutional contexts.

Reasons to Participate

Build Community

Engage with leaders who are passionate about using digital tools to enhance their work.

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Learn New Skills

Build technical and professional skills through collaborative and group-oriented workshops.

Share Resources

Learn how to teach, adapt, and share our open curricula with others.

What to Expect

January 2016 Digital Research Bootcamp

At DHRI you can expect an intensive, community-oriented, and foundational approach to learning technical skills in service of humanities teaching and learning. Through seminar-style discussions with leading scholars in digital humanities, hands-on workshops on core technical competencies, and project development labs, participants will become familiar with working from the command line, collaborating with git, programming with Python, querying structured data, creating maps, and analyzing texts computationally. You will also become part of a growing network of institute leaders by developing your own DHRI based on our open, core curriculum to be led at your home institution or organization.

About Us

GC Digital Initiatives builds and sustains an active community around the shared idea of a "Digital GC," where scholars and technologists explore new modes of inquiry that thoughtfully integrate digital tools and methods into the research, teaching, and service missions of the institution. Learn more on our website.

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